A site to see…finally!

After our brief stay in Colorado, we headed for our next destination, Utah Lake State Park.

Along the way, we made a stop in Moab in super-hot weather for diesel and for me to check the torque on the lug nuts on our trailer wheels. In the process, I cracked one of my Craftsman sockets, but I did manage to ensure that everything was still properly torqued.

Later, we decided to try to make a quick stop for some dinner in Price, Utah. We missed the exit, so after some nice people in a car pulled up beside me to tell me that the back bathroom vent on our trailer was flapping in the wind, we took the next exit to go back to Price to eat. When we got to Price, we tried to grab a quick bite to eat at Wendy’s, but they were closed due to a power issue. After several other quick stops, we found that pretty much every restaurant in town was closed due to a power outage in the area. At that point, we decided to check in with Utah Lake State Park, and we learned that we wouldn’t arrive before they locked the gate for the night. We immediately began looking for an RV park in or near Price. Pretty quickly, we found a place at the Legacy Inn & RV Park. For #RVnewbies like us, the narrow entrance was a little scary, but otherwise, we found it to be a nice spot for a quick overnight stop. That night, we had our first home-made meal since hitting the road!

The next day, we made our way to Anderson Camp in Eden, Idaho for our first, real sightseeing opportunity: Shoshone Falls! While in Eden, we ate lunch at a tasty restaurant,The Cactus Grill. Then it was on to the falls. We drove down in our two vehicles (since we didn’t want to move car seats) and were very glad that we didn’t have the trailer with us as the road down was pretty narrow with lots of winding turns. I wouldn’t recommend trying to go down there with a very long rig. Once we got out, we were all in awe of the power and beauty of Shoshone Falls. None of us had ever seen anything quite like that. We got some beautiful shots of the falls and the sunset, and the kids had a blast playing on the trails that wound through the trees near one of the lookouts. Watch the video to hear the powerful and majestic sound of the falls. We had a great time spending the afternoon and evening at the falls, but when we go back, we’ll plan to get there earlier in the day so we can do more exploring on the hiking trails.


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