The Hubbard Glacier

The next highlight of our cruise was the Hubbard Glacier. Dawn and I had been on a similar cruise where we saw it years ago. We recalled icy wind, bitter-cold temperatures, and not getting very close to the glacier. It was SO funny because we got everyone bundled up only to go outside and feel the warmth of the sun with very little wind. It was so warm that no one in our crew even wanted any hot chocolate from the multiple servers who were selling it out on the deck! The naturalist on board kept commenting on the conditions, explaining how it just kept getting better and better – Connor and I had some fun imitating him. Dawn and I were impressed with such a close view of the glacier over what we had seen before, and the kids and her mom thought it was just amazing! We let the kids shoot a lot of video with our GoPros, so be sure to check out our YouTube video to see some of it through their eyes and to hear their narration.

One thing I would suggest if you take an Alaskan cruise: get a stateroom with a balcony. The views are impressive, and at the glacier, the ship will turn around allowing you to take it all in without leaving the comfort of your room. The crowd on the deck made it really hard for everyone but me and my over-six-foot-tall frame to get a good look. We had the most fun enjoying the glacier and surrounding wildlife and scenic views from our own balcony on the back of the ship!


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