Snow in Sky City

On the way back to California after a holiday visit, we made an impromptu stop at the Sky City Casino RV Park in New Mexico. The day had been exhausting, so Dawn and I decided we needed a little rest before continuing to our next stop in Arizona.

The RV park there was very easy to pull into, especially considering we were arriving after dark. The sites were long enough to fit our 65-foot rig plus our Suburban with a bike rack on back, so space was not a concern. The power pedestal was easy to access using the key we received when we checked in at the hotel, and we got set up pretty quickly. If you’re ever in the Acoma Pueblo area off I-40 in New Mexico and need an inexpensive park with power and water, we’d definitely recommend checking out Sky City.

The next morning, we awoke to a cool suprise: SNOW! We decided to sneak into the bunkhouse to wake the kids to tell them they could go play in the snow before we hit the road. They were SO EXCITED!

After everyone got bundled up, we ran outside to build snowmen, throw snowballs, make snow angels, and just play! Dawn and I were anxious to get on the road as we weren’t sure what the driving conditions would be like, but we figured leaving in the early afternoon would give us the best shot at driving on dry roads, so we let the kids get their fill.

Snow was a new experience in our RV as I felt compelled to climb on the roof and sweep the snow off the slides before running them in to prevent getting snow and water in the rig. After everyone was worn out, we packed up and grabbed some lunch while checking road conditions.

We hit the road for Williams, Arizona just after lunch and found the roads were in great shape! In face, just a few miles west, you could barely tell any snow had fallen on the road.


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